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About US


We are a company engaged in the field of technology, with expertise and high competence in the field of information technology, Until now the company has had experience handling projects both private and government.
Various projects related to structure cable, analog and digital CCTV Camera, cctv ip camera, wireless router, computer, hardware software that has been handled well, so that Customers get solution with very high level of satisfaction, This implies making the company has the Customer the loyal who have for a long time become partners that give confidence to the company, New customers are generally obtained based on the reference of the satisfaction they have got, The above can be achieved, in the base because We have a motto:
“Providing the Best Service from the good”. It is also what makes the company more resilient and growing.
Realizing that Customer is the main asset in addition to human resources, that is why we also do various ways and innovations such as regular training or research on new products, as well as organizational restructuring in the form of functional organizational structure with the aim of helping provide the best after sales service for Customers as well as building robust resources that can deliver solutions to the latest technological level.
every department within our company is supported by experienced experts and generally holds the title of computer college degree and has a very satisfactory workforce in its field, thus ensuring the work is done very professionally.